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Black Clover Chapter 132

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49 thoughts on “Black Clover Chapter 132

    1. it is kinda obvious that they can’t show a noob rookie win against a captain..

      Yuno-Asta is better than average but not good enough to be on captain level (yet)

  1. how the hell the this fucker make such good quality content to be released EVERY week..
    ffs the person doing RE;Monster only releases a chapter once a month, IF we’re lucky…

  2. Why would the finale not happen because of a tie? just pick someone as a tie breaking vote and have the actual finale be the actual finale

  3. I really hope Asta learns how to control his demon better, learn more about his grimoire and or gets a crazy new power. Cause Asta look sad af, and I’m tired of Asta coming in second place all the time.

    1. i think there might be a better possibility. see, when asta holds the broadsword in his right hand, and makes the loop with the left, he partially gets the demon transformation. how about, if he takes the demonslayer and demondweller sword in both hands, and joins the two swords together, thus getting a fully demon transformation?

  4. Lol in a way it ended nicely, and seeing lil’s so into the match he didn’t pay attention to his own crystal is funny. It would be meh if he won against a captain with his own power (yuno’s strong but ofc won’t stand that much chance fighting a serious captain, what kind of inconsistency if lower-middle rank knight can beat a captain lol, that captain should resign), so I’m glad he won because, lil was just being lil. Oh, and the difference of drawing with yuno and asta, when asta looked like a devil with his horn yuno totally looked like a blessed prince/king here, love it.

  5. I can bet you later on in the manga asta going to discover he’s royalty and yuno going to discover he’s a descendent of elf bloodline which make him prince of elf

    1. Other way round bro. The 2 swords were from an elf and yuno’s Magical power can be explained if he’s royalty. His looks too. Plus the magic emperor seems to know their parents although that wasn’t specified too much

  6. crap I didn’t even notice I caught up, shit!

    Well it was a fun read, and I will say this to anyone who sees this comment. Black Clover is Naruto done right, it just feels better then the original Naruto. Everything felt like it dint really matter in the end in Naruto, but here it feels like theirs a strong weight to whats going on and everyone has a clear goal or something that they are aiming for. Also some characters are done better, like Marth/Mars is a better Gaara then Gaara honestly, and Yuno/Juno inst as bitchy as Sasuke and is feels more like a human being with goals then just some Linkin Park listening goth kid. The thing is, Black Clover is good, the anime is not that great, but I have hope, till then I shall wait for the next chapter!

  7. Wow love this anime it’s like a combination of Naruto+One Piece+Berserk+7 deadly sins+Fairy tail+Sword art online+Magi+Bleach+ and some marvel infinity stones😎👍

  8. Hey a bit of conspiracy here, so back when yuri thought the captain of the golden dawn was the leader of the terrorist group he thought that almost everything about the captain was similar to the leader. What if he is also being controlled by a spirit like Fana? I do not know how it fits with the story but thats just my thoughts.

  9. At this point if Asta is anything other than a commoner orphan then the whole story will be ruined. His whole reason for fighting and getting stronger was to prove that anyone can achieve their dreams even if they’re a commoner or an orphan. So if he ends up being part elf or royalty then it destroys everything Asta has worked towards.

    Yuno the other hand, it would make total sense if he was part elf or from a noble family. But then you have to wonder why these two were dropped off at the same church together. Asta can’t be anything other than a commoner so if that’s the case Yuno must also just be a commoner, otherwise why would a royal baby be dropped off with a commoner baby?

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